Written: April 12th 2014

I have been dealing with mental illness since I was seven, and expressing my mental illness is not and will NEVER be about attention or wanting to be this way. Depression and mental disorders are diseases and it is difficult living with it as well as dealing with it. I…


1. When you’re in bed at night and the walls feel like they’re closing in on you, and the bed feels too big without him in it, get up make yourself a cup of tea and put pillows where he used to be. Breathe. You’ll be okay.

2. When you’re at the store or in the park and you see people holding hands and kissing. Do not give in and text him you miss him. It’s okay, you can hold your own hand. You do not need him. Breathe. You’ll be okay.

3. You’ll think you’re over him but then you’ll see him on the street, or he’ll call you and your heart will break all over again. Pick up the pieces and put yourself back together. You’ve been without him this long, you can keep doing it. Breathe. You’ll be okay.

4. The day you find out he’s with someone else will feel like a bullet through the heart, you’ll go numb, you’ll scream, you’ll cry, you’ll feel everything, then feel nothing. It’s okay to shatter. Breathe. You’ll be okay.

5. One day you’ll wake up and think about everything but him and you won’t even realize it. One day you’ll be okay without him. So until then. Breathe. You’ll be okay.

- Five things to remember when he breaks your heart. (via jessielou24)

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"Your health, whether physical or mental, comes first."
- something I learned today (via canamaify)

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